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If all you need is a few hundred dollars to take you through a temporary financial crisis, you can easily check out the internet for various payday loan companies. There are thousands of them, each offering some kind of lucrative scheme to attract customers. With such a high competition in the payday lending market, the prices have pulled down considerably. And you can easily borrow $100-$1500 for a couple of weeks, for a flat interest from $15-$30 on every 100 dollars of amount.

1. Firstly, you will need to apply online for a quick payday loan. You will need to fill your contact details, SSN, bank details and employment information. You may have to fax copies of previous bank statement, last few pay stubs and a photo ID. But there are certain companies which offer quick loans that are faxless too.2. Once approved, the money is electronically transferred into your bank account and is yours for two weeks. You can either give a post-dated check to the lending company, for the amount of the quick payday loan plus the interest on it, or give the company direct withdrawal permission from your bank account, on your subsequent payday.You must keep one thing in mind when taking a cash advance payday loan. The lending companies take a post-dated check or direct withdrawal facilities from your bank account for the quick payday loan amount and the fees. In case, you do not have adequate balance in your account on the date of repayment, and the lenders deposit your check, not only will you be charged heavy penalties for a bounced check, they can even accuse you of fraud! In addition, in case of direct withdrawal, the bank can impose exorbitant overdraft charges on your account, if they withdraw money when you do not have sufficient amount in your account! So you must make sure you have adequate balance in your checking account to clear off your cash advance payday loans or else, inform the lenders beforehand about wanting an extension on the loan!
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  1. Advance Payday
    are great when that unexpected bill comes or when you have a car of family emergency.


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